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Milk River

MILK RIVER is Brooklyn’s Newest Multi-Level Restaurant, Lounge and Entertainment Venue featuring a Caribbean and Asian fusion cuisine. Located conveniently near Barclay’s Center/Atlantic Terminal this luxury venue is a neighborhood oasis.

Chef La-Niece Llyew, a Chinese-Jamaican Brooklyn native, named the restaurant after Milk River in Clarendon, Jamaica – a popular hot springs and mineral spa. The name not only represents the direction of the food, it symbolizes cultural enrichment and unity amongst a newly gentrified neighborhood with its warm and welcoming presence.





Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef


La-Niece Lyew

Our Chef


The very creative and entrepreneurial, Chef/Owner of MILK RIVER, La-Niece Llyew, was born and raised in Brooklyn with a strong passion for food and cooking. Being of Asian and Jamaican descent, Llyew grew up in a household enjoying the best of two very different culinary worlds and flavor palettes. With a degree in culinary art and generational wealth of traditional Jamaican home kitchen over generations, Llyew produces a flavorful and luxury dining experience!







Our mission is to be the country’s most respected service brand. Our lifestyles support our Milk River family and culture, so we can provide extraordinary service to our customers.

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