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Milk River

MILK RIVER is Brooklyn’s Hottest Restaurant, Lounge and Entertainment Venue featuring a Caribbean and Asian fusion cuisine. Located conveniently near Barclay’s Center/Atlantic Terminal this luxury venue is a neighborhood oasis.

Chef La-Niece Llyew, a Chinese-Jamaican Brooklyn native, named the restaurant after Milk River in Clarendon, Jamaica – a popular hot springs and mineral spa. The name not only represents the direction of the food, it symbolizes cultural enrichment and unity amongst a newly gentrified neighborhood with its warm and welcoming presence.





Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef


La-Niece Lyew

Our Chef


The very creative and entrepreneurial, Chef/Owner of MILK RIVER, La-Niece Llyew, was born and raised in Brooklyn with a strong passion for food and cooking. Being of Asian and Jamaican descent, Llyew grew up in a household enjoying the best of two very different culinary worlds and flavor palettes. With a degree in culinary art and generational wealth of traditional Jamaican home kitchen over generations, Llyew produces a flavorful and luxury dining experience!